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SDE Lessons 2011: What We Learned This Year

Spinning Leaf Films and I only began our journey together the second half of 2011. We threw ourselves head first into the lair of the beast known as the Same Day Edit. And here is the list of lessons learned, some with pleasure, some with pain. Marketing Lessons 1. Film reaction footage! Showing the crowd more »

Teleworking: My fave places to edit outside the office (Austin)

One awesome benefit of being a contract editor is that I have the freedom to work remotely a lot. What I look for in a place to work is the overall atmosphere (not too loud and comfortable furniture.), the quality/price of food & drinks, the accessibility of power plugs (always need outlets for my external more »

Same Day Edit Workflow – for now.

Question via Twitter from Catty Chan (@coldcatt): Sometimes I wish I could remain as editor for the day when we do SDEs…I was wondering what your process and workflow was like? I’m only just beginning my Same Day Edit adventure, so it will interesting to see how my perspective changes in a few months. But more »

Sarah Blogs Too?!?

I’m an active Twitter user (@sarahedits), but sometimes there’s just more to be said than can be squeezed into 140 characters.  So check back here for blog posts such as (off the top of my head): Favorite Features of Adobe Premiere, Same Day Edit workflow successes and failures, Creating Videos with Non-Video People, and many more »